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Laminated OPP/BOPP PP Bags

Brand: EIP Global Co., LTD

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Introduction of BOPP woven PP bags:

Product structure: PP woven fabric + PE coated adhesive + BOPP film (gravure printing)

- PP woven fabric (fine, fine) is the main purpose of the load, the PE glue is used to bond the BOPP film with the woven PP, the BOPP film is used for gravure printing (professional) and is used to anti-hygroscopic, reinforce the mechanical properties of the product.

- High-class packaging, beautiful design, can present beautifully printed content according to the own brand of each business.

- Practical application: Rice bags, rice bags, fertilizer bags, animal feed bags ...

- The size, weight and colour of the bag are varied, customized according to the needs of customers.

- Can add PE / HDPE liner bag inside to add extra strength

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