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Matte OPP Bags For Tea

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Coffee is one of the top consumed beverages in the world, and the number of users is extremely large. Coffee plays a huge role in attracting customers. Your coffee tastes good, requires an attractive and eye-catching design.

To stand out among thousands of other competitors requires striking designs in order to impress consumers.

- The most popular material of coffee bags: aluminum-plated laminating film and aluminum-coated laminate
+ 2-layer membrane: OPP / MCPP, OPP (Matte) / MCPP
+ 3-layer film: OPP / MPET / PE, OPP (Matte) / PET / PE, PET / MPET / PE, OPP / AL / PE, PET / AL / PE, ..
- Product form: Bag or roll form
- Bag specifications: 3-sided pocket, 4-sided pocket, hip-folding back pocket, zipper bottom pocket

Common types of coffee packaging:
1. In a copper tube for coffee packaging:
Using modern gravure printing technology to print. The packaging is blown according to customer needs, ensuring sharp quality, beautiful color coordination, and no peeling over time.
If you are a large coffee producer, you should choose this printing method to get a good price, when considering the printing of gravure according to your own design, you have to pay fees such as sample design, coaxial money to print must print in large quantity, the usual design is about 1 million or more, the average copper axis is about 3 million per axis, one axis corresponds to one printing color, to print many colors with product image It takes 5 shafts or more, The print quantity must be 40,000 bags or more so we mentioned that the big coffee producer above, but it will make up for the cost of the bag better with the printing methods. On the other hand, you should contact me about the specific price, I just talk about the price for reference.

2. Printed coffee packaging is available:
Is the type of packaging often used for customers starting to build and promote the brand. The printing method of coffee packaging will be blasted with a defined size, this type of packaging is pre-printed when using, you only need to print the brand on the package by a silk printing technique. The drawback of this type of packaging will not print many colors and is not as beautiful as the gravure printing technique.
Bags are available in 250g, 500g, and 1kg

3. Printing paper laminated coffee packaging (offset printing)
The offset printing coffee bag is right for you when you want to print your designs, or this high-end coffee is suitable for all ingredients. Offset printed coffee bag with offset printed kraft paper in multiple colors or 1 color depending on your design, before printing the real color sample, printed inside the color sample, the inside uses silver film to help the bag keep the flavor inside after Print pressed finished products 3 edges leave mouth into the coffee.

 One more important thing to preserve your coffee, we would like to introduce: The check valve is the optimal solution for premium coffee packaging: quality coffee is a delicate drink that needs a pure taste. of each coffee bean. But after roasting, especially in the first 2 weeks, a lot of natural carbon dioxide is produced. This is the cause of the rapid oxidation of coffee, in the long run leading to the deterioration of quality (taste & taste) and also the cause of the packing -> the one-way valve pushes this CO2 out of the bag. without worrying about air intrusion from the outside.

Application of check valves in the packaging industry

In addition, the check valve is also suitable for storage bags for fermented products, pet food bags, fertilizer bags, or waste gas packaging applications ... requiring flexible packaging and needing air from the inside.
Packaged roasted coffee needs to be protected against aroma loss as well as exposure to oxygen, steam, and light. On the other hand, the gas generated by the roasted beans must be allowed to escape from the packaging to allow oxygen or moisture to enter. The valves are supplied with filter paper (specified by German firm Tesa). Filter paper has the effect of ventilation and does not allow particles and small powder to enter the valve, blocking the one-way valve.

Currently, for the premium coffee line, either pure or export coffee, we recommend that manufacturers use a check valve for packing to ensure guaranteed coffee. administration for longer than a minimum within 12 months. At the same time, the one-way valve closure will help you confirm the coffee quality and brand in the market, this is considered as one of the barriers to dirty coffee, cheap coffee has no room. stand, clean up the coffee industry in Vietnam.

If you want a new brand, or develop your existing brand.
Please contact us. We are ready to accompany you

Features of coffee packaging:

- Preserving the freshness of coffee (coffee, coffee)
- Keep the fragrance
- Anti-oxidation, coffee clumping
- Impressive and beautiful design

General specifications:

- Design according to customer ideas

Type: Optional

- Size: High - Long - Wide (cm)

- Offset

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