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Taical - PE filler is a frequently used ingredient in the manufacture of plastic products. These are granular additive materials that reduce costs, increase hardness, improve material surface properties, and reduce shrinkage. Besides, the PE plastic filler also contributes to increase the mechanical, chemical, thermal, and electrical durability of the finished product.


1.The PE filler is a Propylene containing 70% ~ 80% calcium carbonate, which has a natural white color.

2. It can be mixed with Polypropylene resin for extrusion, injection molding, bag weaving ... and very easy to disperse with good compatibility, improved heat resistance, flexural strength, dimensional stability, and more. Work to reduce heat generation due to burning and reduce environmental pollution.

How to use:

1. The rate is recommended at 5 ~ 50% with each product requirements.

2. The processing temperature is set according to the resin processing temperature and it applies well in the range of 240 ± 40oC

Packing, transport and storage:

1. Packed in PP bags with specification 25kg / bag.

2. Note to avoid moisture, sunlight and fragile during transportation.

Currently, PP fillers have many product lines, please contact directly or email for the best product advice. Honor to thank you!

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