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Vacuum Bags For Seeds

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Vacuum bag is a product used to package food and goods that is very popular today, especially a favorite and indispensable product of housewives. So what is a vacuum bag? What do they stand out and should they be reused over and over again?

Vacuum bags are used to package food, preserve fresh and effective food, and the product has been trusted by many units in the food processing industry, seafood and agricultural products for many years. .
Vacuum bag for food storage, keeping the freshness, nutrition, taste of foods for a long time and well-preserved in the refrigerator ... Very convenient, hygienic and food safety .
PA bag after vacuum will preserve the product absolutely in the outside environment, keep the color fresh and low cost.
There are many sizes depending on your choice or produce with own size according to the order.
Size: 15 x 22; 18 x 28; 20 x 30; 25 x 35; 30 x 40; 25 x 50 and size as required
Please contact us to get the best price for a large quantity or for distribution.

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