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Vacuum PA / PE bag

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What is PA bag?

Vacuum PA bag is known as a product made from a composite film with a structure of 2 or more layers, also known as a multilayer. This type of packaging has very good quality and is resistant to vacuum, moisture, and mildew, so it preserves all kinds of food very well, professionally with durability up to from 2-5 years.

PA bag has the ability to print, design impressive images, logos, so it is very suitable for the marketing and advertising strategy of businesses so that the PA bag is increasingly appreciated by the market. Currently, the PA bag vacuum is used in the packaging of nuts, frozen meat, fish, cheese, chips, coffee ... very quality and well preserved the delicious taste of the product. Some units use PA bags to vacuum food packaging to export goods to countries around the world very professionally.

Vacuum bags are used for product packaging, food packaging, agricultural products, seafood, dry products, this type of packaging is used quite a lot and is used quite by the frozen food packaging factories. Many, kind of vacuum bags for food, product preservation, keeping the freshness and flavour of foods in the freezer, hygienic and food safety.

PA bags preserve products from the inside out, always bring safety to users, quality products, competitive prices, and are used by many customers.

Coming to EIP Global company, there are always the best quality products, the most competitive prices, enthusiastic consulting support, door-to-door delivery when placing large quantities.

PA vacuum bags are packaging products that are creating fever in the market today, especially during this epidemic season. Many households, businesses, and businesses choose PA bags for foodstuff to preserve extremely best products. However, with the packaging fever, the production of PA vacuum bags is rampant, the quality is unstable and the price is quite expensive.

To avoid buying marketplaces, counterfeit goods, and intermediaries, you should cooperate directly with large printing factories and directly produce this product line. The following article will introduce you in detail about the best and cheapest PA vacuum bags in our country and where to buy vacuum packaging?

Learn about vacuum PA bags

PA vacuum bags are known to be the most high-end packaging line today. The product is manufactured based on a complex laminated film, so the bag has a high thickness, toughness, and extremely perfect waterproof and moisture resistance. In particular, the PA vacuum bag has very good temperature resistance up to -150 degrees C so it is the perfect choice in preserving frozen agricultural products and seafood with a long time from several decades. This is the reason that this product line is selected for seasonal food packaging.

Currently, in order to produce vacuum bags for food preservation, the factories need to apply modern technologies to ensure standard vacuum bags, high thickness, flexibility and safety for users. Accordingly, we often encounter a number of poor quality fake goods with brittle, easy to tear and unstable ability to preserve food.

This is the reason that you should look to units specializing in producing PA vacuum bags to order the best quality, best price.
PA bags now have a lot of sizes you can freely choose, quality products at competitive prices, come to EIP Global specializing in providing the best quality vacuum PA bags on the market.
PA vacuum bags appeared in recent years and are very popular in many business fields. Taking advantage of this, some outsourcing units produce many products that do not guarantee quality and greatly affect the product and food packaging process. Accordingly, it is always a matter of concern to order PA bags with the best price, where quality is a matter. The following article will introduce in detail to customers about this packaging product.

Food vacuum bags

Food vacuum bags, in addition to the packaging of export products, this type of packaging is also very popular in supermarkets, fruit markets, seafood markets ... The bag is packed with fish meats. Fresh, frozen fruit roots because it inhibits the growth of bacteria. Many businesses grasp this so using food vacuum bags that are very popular in many items in life.

Common size

Products of PA vacuum bags are used a lot in production and business. Workshop EIP Global introduces to customers some common sizes on the market or used as: (8 x 11); (10 x 15); (11 x 16); (12 x 17); (13 x 18); (14 x 19); (15 x 20); (15 x 25); (16 x 25); (17 x 27); (18 x 25); (18 x 28); (20 x 25); (20 x 30); (20 x 40); (25 x 30); (25 x 35); (25 x 40); (25 x 45); (25 x 50); (28 x 40); (30 x 40); (30 x 45); (30 x 50); (35 x 50) ...

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