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Jumbo bag 1 ton & Jumbo Bag 2 tons with the best price

What is the Jumbo Bag 1 ton? What is Sling bags? Sing bag, one type of jumbo bag, is used to load, lift and keep in the storage for neatness and cargo loading charge. What is Jumbo bag 1 ton? Shape of Jumbo bags (FIBC) Normally, there are 2 shape types of jumbo bag – tubular and baffle + A tubular jumbo bag is a bag with a tubular body sewn with a top and a bag bottom. Depending on the shape of the lid and the bottom of the bag (circle, rectangle, or square) that shapes the body. + A Baffle jumbo bag is a type of bag manufactured by sewing 4 fragments together to make a bag (square or rectangular) and then sewing again with a cover and bottom. Top of jumbo bag + Filling spout: the jumbo filling spout is sewn with a circular (or conical) feeding tube or funnel. This inlet tube is a flake woven of tubular PP and has a lower thickness (thinner) than the material of the bag. + Duffle top: The jumbo bag mouth is sewn about 80cm higher (or according to the request of the order). After filling the material to the top of the bag, the hood will be pulled together to protect the product inside. Jumbo bags (FIBCs) are often used to hold granular or fine powder products.   + Top flap: a piece of fabric designed to cover the top of an FIBC with the same length and width dimensions as the bag it’s attached to. It is made of the exact same woven polypropylene material as the rest of the bag and is attached to one of the four sides creating a flap that can be open and closed. It is designed to cover whatever opening or closing type your bag has (spout top/bottom open top/full bottom discharge, etc.) providing additional protection to the bag.   + Open top: A type of jumbo bag that unfortunately adds any type of lid to the mouth. The capless FIBC bag is usually used to store bulk products (wood, ore, minerals, ...) or granules (soil, sand, plastic beads, sawdust, ...) and is transported without the need for maintenance. protect the product inside the bag. + Elliptical sewing pattern: Each lifting handle will be sewn into the seam along the 4 sides of bag    (FIBC)/ Type of loops  Body of jumbo bag + U-Panel: Two or Three piece. U-Panel construction that has two seams sewn along the two opposite sides to create two panels. creating a “U” Panel shape + 4-Panel: It is the original polypropylene design. Four-Panel Bulk Bags (FIBCs) have seams along four separate pieces of fabric that are sewn together to construct the body of the bag as well as having the top and bottom panels sewn in + Cicular (Tubular): is a tubular (cylindrical) textile flake, sewn with two flaps of the cap and bottom (rectangular or square or round to shape the envelope)   Bottom of jumbo bag + Flat bottom: bottom is a fabric sewn with the body. The fabric of bottom is thicker than body. + Discharge spout: the same with filling spout but instead of on the top, it is sewn at the bottom. + Pyjama (skirt): is discharge spout and a cover with fastener rope. Jumbo (FIBC)/Types of bottom Loops/ Lifting belt: Normally, the jumbo bag (FIBC) has 4 lifting belts (about 15 ″ -18 ″ higher than the bag mouth) sewn at the 4 corners of the bag mouth so that the crane/forklift machine easily moves the bag. The load-bearing force of the lifting handle is the load-bearing force of the jumbo bag. In some special cases, the straps are sewn with 2 more horizontal belts connecting each two angle straps together (forming 2 parallel straps). When using, the crane/forklift will hook on these 2 horizontal belts to move the bag. In another case, each handle will be attached with a piece of the circular belt (ring belt) to facilitate the jumbo bag moving. Sewing patterns of 4 handles at 4 corners of the jumbo bag mouth: + U-shape sewing: Each lifting handle will be sewn on two adjacent sides. + Elliptical sewing pattern: Each lifting handle will be sewn into the seam along the 4 sides of bag Other parts of jumbo + Sewing type: sewing straight 2 adjacent lines (when using jumbo bags to store fine powder products ...). Graphics and printing: Printing technology is mainly Flexo, with content depending on the requirements of the order. Printability: print from 1-4 sides, up to 5 colors per side. + Each jumbo bag can be sewn with a document bag in the middle of an outer bag. This bag is made of PE or PP material, with a zipper to protect the document in the bag. Outstanding advantages of Jumbo Bao manufactured by EIP Global: • High-quality products, outstanding durability • The price is much cheaper than PP woven • Convenient and economical to pack, transport, unload and store • Can be reused 2-4 times and can be disposed of • Environmental friendliness • Waterproof, dustproof design • The most competitive Jumbo bag quote on the market Jumbo bags are used in the following industries: • Agricultural products: rice, flour, bran, cassava, coffee, food, ... • Minerals: coal powder, limestone powder, limestone, lime, sand, mud for export, clean soil ... • Chemicals: cement, fly ash, chemicals in powder or liquid form, soda, plastic resins, fertilizers, ... • Animal feed poultry,... • Firewood husks, sawdust, rice husks, cashew shells, ...  



What is the packaging?

In the current packaging industry, there are a lot of packaging products, but they are divided into 6 main categories: Metal packaging, carton packaging, textile packaging, fabric packaging, rigid plastic packaging, Soft plastic packaging.



Exporting Shopping Bags - Advertising Business brand perfectly to Customers

Zink - There is a trend of boycott plastic bags - disposable bags - causing environment pollution to eco-friendly bags, now we have #Export supermarket bags - The best alternative product for consumers - both safe - friendly - Light, durable, beautiful, multi-use - that our company produces and supplies.   Supermarket bag for many uses Supermarket bags made of PP woven or non-woven fabric were created to replace disposable plastic bags. Currently, they are not only widely used in advanced countries in Europe and America but also are popular in Vietnam. If you are looking for a reputable company producing export supermarket bag, do not miss the following article.   Supermarket bag For Export The demand to use supermarket bags nowaday. When people have just created plastic bags, it was considered as a great discovery. Because it is a waterproof material, sustainable and exists in nature. However, its properties also make it a big danger to the environment and people. Not only they difficult to decompose, pollute the environment, but can also be toxic to food because they contain metals such as lead. Not only that, but cadmium is also a threat to the brain and is one of the main causes of cancer. To minimize the use of plastic bags, businesses, companies, shopping malls, supermarkets ... have been gradually switching to PP bags (PP or Polypropylene is a propylene polymerization product. ). PP fabric supermarket bags include 2 types: PP woven fabric bags, PP non-woven fabric  bags   Supermarket shopping bags for non-woven bags Prestigious and professional export supermarket bag producing company In order to meet the needs of replacing plastic bags, many environmentally friendly bag processing establishments have appeared on the market. One of them is the EIP Global Company We are a reputable and professional eco-friendly supermarket bag manufacturer, specializing in processing PP woven bags and PP non-woven bags with diverse designs, competitive prices. We not only supply products for the domestic market but also export to overseas. PP woven supermarket bag PP woven fabric is usually in the form of a roll, has high mechanical properties, is quite firm, inflexible, and easy to fabricate into yarns due to not stretch. High glossy surface, clear printing, light blue flame, flexible flow, and almost rubber-like odor when burned. When there is a small cut or hole, it becomes easily torn. PP woven supermarket bag withstand the warp tension,  weft tension, traction, impact and very friendly with the environment, safe for people. PP non woven supermarket bag A bag made directly from non-woven fabric, that is pressed from polypropylene (PP) mixed with a certain ratio of additives to increase the durability of the product. The outstanding advantage of this PP non-woven fabric supermarket bag is its reuse ability many times.   Supermarket Bags Besides, they are High waterproof, high osmotic resistance Resistant to high temperatures Soft, not harm to the user Easily biodegradable in the natural environment Beautiful printing surface Thanks to the above outstanding features, PP woven bags and PP non-woven bags are used in many supermarkets.