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How is complex packaging stored, is your product properly preserved?

Post by Zink at 04/09/2020

Composite laminated film packaging, also known as soft-film plastic packaging with multi-layer laminated film, in order to preserve according to the frequency of laminating together, the effect for goods to achieve the time needed for the product, after grafting. Laminated with material to limit the time, the product can be up to 2 years.
The packaging is an extremely popular item in today's times and they play an important role in packaging goods and products and are consumed all over the world. So how is complex packaging stored? Have you properly preserved?

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Because complex packaging is the type of packaging used to hold a variety of goods, products, even food, food for people. Therefore, with a quantity used for storage after printing, even if it is very small or insignificant, we should also know how to preserve packaging products so that the quality is not affected, avoiding condition that damages the quality of the goods. For more information on the issue mentioned above, let's follow the article on how to preserve complex packaging below.

How is complex packaging stored, is your product properly preserved?

How to preserve complex packaging?

When using compound packaging, keep in mind that it is important to make sure that these packages are used at the prescribed loads, in accordance with rigorous and validated storage procedures. in the past, for example, indoor temperature, outdoors, light ... in order to avoid scratches during the storage and transport of the packaging. This depends a lot on the selection of paper materials or plastic packaging when printing the paper box. The ultimate purpose is to ensure the paper box is not damaged or torn when storing products and goods.

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There are good ways to preserve complex packaging in the right way to bring about the following quality effects:

You should pay attention to store the packaging in a dry, cool place, avoid moisture, and avoid direct sunlight from the sun, reducing the quality of the package.
The tip arrangement stage is also equally important, you need to know how to arrange the packaging as a maximum of 10 layers, and at the same time be neatly arranged, the force must be evenly distributed.
The right way you store materials in the package, the correct transportation, exchange of products, ... are also ways to preserve the correct packaging with the quality and payload of the package.
Currently, EIP Global is a global manufacturer and supplier of complex packaging products, all of the compound packaging products are manufactured with the most modern technology. If you still have any questions, please contact us, our company is always ready to serve you.
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