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Post by Công ty TNHH EIP Global at 23/07/2020

Storing freight in large quantities is the demand for commodity manufacturing businesses. they needed a much larger load and jumbo packaging was born to solve the problem. So which factors do jumbo packaging are used by businesses and this article will clarify the above problem.

Factors should choose jumbo packaging

For it to be selected, the packaging must have many advantages compared to other packaging and meet the specific characteristics that it contains:

• First of all, transporting and preserving goods: 1 jumbo bag transports a lot more times than conventional packaging products to help the process of transporting more quickly and easily. special save storage area.

• Next is the cost of packaging based on the load capacity of the goods: With a tonne of product, it is certain that for normal high-load plastic packaging, it is only 40-50 kg but with jumbo packaging whose loads are many times larger than 300-1000 kg or more, the number of packaging will be much less, reducing packaging costs more than most can use many times or liquidation. Minimize funding for businesses

• With a unique design, the packaging can incorporate an extra exhaust pipe, making it easy to pump cargo.

• Suitable for products in the form of powder, granules, free, ... goods that can be easily pumped.

Above are the reasons that your business should choose jumbo packaging to transport and store large quantities of goods that can save a lot of costs.